Did all he could to see off.  No explanation, acted tough.

A quarter’s worth was sadly enough. Unanticipated and rough.


Lazy; the commitment dies!         

They could see it when looking in his eyes.

Situation compromised.

This’ll help you find where your allegiance lies.


Promulgate bad habits, watch them birth. The fabric of one’s mind to unfurl.

Catalyst to a pain. Expel mirth. This whole goddamn thing makes me feel like a jerk.


Opportunity partially denied,       

To an end of galactic Starry Eyes.

Life’s position rectified,

If these shameful habits don’t quantify.


Curious commitment erased from stone.          

No one here can possibly be wrong.

To reality was blind. Now make the mistake of life. 

Giving up to fear of the unknown.