Met her in a tapateria.

A Wednesday night in Barcelona, Spain.

He fell in love inmediatemente.

Pulled by the heart with a jagged chain.


A beautiful woman to fuck with his head.

No other to think of the rest of the trip.

A 5'4 brunette, curves, copper skin.

An Austrian princess to take pleasure in.


A goblin shark! Will tested.

Breaking down, feeling neglected.

She’s the only star in the sky he sees,

His failed proposal was embarrassing.


Some time later, she followed him to Nerja.

One night out with a bottle of Jameson.

Upon consumption they started dancing,

Kissing at this club so very late.


A lingering moment that never would pass.

Him and her so romantic at last.

Touching and laughing, they ran to the beach.

Doing the dirty with waves at their feet.


The goblin shark! The rest bested!

Built back up. Doubt arrested.

They’re the only star in the sky.

Dreams come true when one sincerely tries.



Along with the other creeps.

How to achieve defeat?

She ended up with the elite.