I have this thing inside of me that won't learn when to quit.

Negatory rampaging, I'll be quite the twit.

A new beginning. Cool. Calm. Collected.

Keep me on an even keel, or havoc I emit.


Get me out of me. I will not relax.

I'll be away from me.

Consistency is the trick.


Is it too late for us to resume this song and dance?

Unhealthy pattern I promote, you take that second glance.

Thinking highly respiratory, cannot afford to act.

It's the hero inside of me, failing back to back.


I swore I would not take you for granted, now I've put us back in square one.

Safe to say I learned my lesson, but will we come undone?

I'm sat here, counting on a promise, that I don't know if being human will let you keep.

A man accepts the consequences.

A man am I, but only skin deep.