I wanna throw you on and off the bed. 

I wanna pull your hair and slap your ass. 

I wanna mold you like pizza dough. 

I wanna use my tongue like massaging jello. 


But you don't want this complexity. 

You're confusing ethics with chastity. 

Couch conversations. Psychology. 

My fingers went in, hardly the lottery. 


Oh, when I see you my dick points north. 

I wanna marry you so we can get a divorce. 

I'm gonna bide my time and wait for your eyes,

To show relinquished strength - we'll hit the night. 


Then it'll be you pursuing me. 

You'll jump my bones, use the right amount of teeth. 

I'm gonna send a shiver straight down your spine. 

Unrequited lust. No safe word's just fine.